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Planning Strategies for Women

For more than 30 years, studies conducted by financial services companies and independent associations have concluded that there are significant differences in how women and men view money and investments. Women, as a group, tend to take a thoughtful and inquisitive approach to handling their finances, and are diligent about educating themselves before making important financial decisions. At Capital Intelligence Associates, we applaud that approach. We place great emphasis on ensuring all of our clients understand the recommendations we make, why we make them, what the desired outcome is, and the risks involved.

We also understand that women bring different perspectives than men based on their life experiences and face many unique financial challenges, especially when it comes to preparing for retirement:

  • On average, women live longer than their male counterparts, making it important to have a plan in place to help ensure financial needs are met for a potential 30 years or more in retirement.
  • Longevity also points to the likelihood that many women will assume sole responsibility for managing their family finances and investments at some point in their lives.

Planning is critical to managing the transitions in your life
Marriage, divorce, widowhood, a career change or retirement all represent important life transitions and have significant financial implications. Without access to competent financial guidance, many women find themselves unprepared at an emotionally vulnerable time. Whether you are single, married, divorced or widowed, knowing how to manage your financial situation at every stage of life is critical to both your financial and emotional well-being.

As dedicated advocates for your well-being, our advisors will:

  • Take the time to get to know you and discover what matters most to you.
  • Listen, address your questions and educate you on your current financial situation.
  • Help you understand your current and future sources of income.
  • Identify any areas of risk as we seek to assist you in making important financial decisions with clarity and confidence.

We recognize the unique needs and preferences of women investors and are dedicated to effectively and compassionately serving them, whether as individual clients or as part of a couple.