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LGBT Planning

Financial Planning for Non-Traditional Families

The Supreme Court ruling was good news for same-sex couples in states that recognize their union. Married LGBT couples can now share in the same federal protections as traditional married couples, including Social Security, veterans' benefits, health insurance and retirement savings.

However, non-traditional families and non-married LGBT couples still face a myriad of challenges as financial partners that require thoughtful planning. At Capital Intelligence Associates, we work with both domestic partners and same-sex married couples to develop comprehensive planning strategies for all stages of your life that reflect the current legal and tax framework in the state where you reside. Because our PLANNING PROCESS is both cyclical and ongoing, we meet with you on a regular basis to discuss any changes in your financial situation or circumstances as well as changes in taxes or legislation that may impact you.

Tax and legal services are not offered by LPL Financial or Capital Intelligence Associates.