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Multi-generational Wealth and Legacy Planning

Success can bring many challenges, not the least of which is the complexity of managing wealth across multiple generations. Families often struggle with how to benefit not only the next generation, but descendants farther down the line.

Among the many challenges parents face when passing wealth to the next generation is how to prepare and educate them. This may include helping them to understand what their financial situation may look like and what they will or will not be able to achieve when relying on inherited wealth.

At Capital Intelligence Associates, our advisors have spent decades providing the leadership families seek in working through the complexities of managing multi-generational wealth. We bring the knowledge, experience and relationship skills required to effectively coordinate needs among family members and with your outside advisors, including your CPA and attorney(s), in a manner that is both inclusive and effective.

Our approach begins with helping you identify and articulate your legacy goals – taking the time to understand what you would like your wealth to achieve for your children, grandchildren and their descendents, and for the charitable organization or foundations you choose to support.

We work with multi-generations of our clients to educate their children and grandchildren on the responsibilities that come with inherited wealth as well as providing ongoing financial and investment education and oversight in these and other areas of financial and legacy planning:

We Offer Clients Multi-Generational Perspectives

A client of ours worried about the costs of taking care of aging parents and sending kids to college. Working with her and her siblings to split the cost of a long term care policy on their parents reduced the risk and cost to each. That enabled her to set up a college fund for the kids on a tax-favored basis.